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Kalle Rovenpera - Wins Rally Estonia, the Round 8 of WRC - 2023 Season

Kalle Rovanperä has stormed to a dominant Rally Estonia victory for the third year in a row with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team, exten...

Kalle Rovenpera attacking the gravel roads leaving behind a violent dust storm

Kalle Rovanperä has stormed to a dominant Rally Estonia victory for the third year in a row with TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team, extending his lead in the FIA World Rally Championship.

Guided by co-driver Jonne Halttunen, Rovanperä once again looked at home aboard his GR YARIS Rally1 HYBRID on some of the fastest roads in the WRC. He held a narrow lead at the end of Friday despite having to run first on the loose gravel stages, and was quite literally unbeatable thereafter as he pulled clear of the competition.

He recorded a remarkable run of 13 consecutive stage wins from Saturday morning until the rally-ending Power Stage on Sunday afternoon – becoming the first driver to have such a streak of fastest times on a WRC round since Sébastien Loeb in Germany 15 years ago.

Picture of World Rally Championship's eight round, Rally Estonia Podium Ceremony

Quickest in the finale by two seconds, he secured his second win of the season by 52.7s overall and claimed the maximum 30 points to increase his standings lead to 55 points. The victory is his 10th in the WRC in the two years since he became its youngest-ever winner on Rally Estonia 2021.

Elfyn Evans remains second in the drivers’ standings after he and co-driver Scott Martin were second-fastest in the Power Stage and finished fourth overall following a thrilling fight for the final place on the podium with Esapekka Lappi (Hyundai) – finishing just 7.3s away.

TGR-WRT has increased its manufacturers’ championship lead to 57 points.

WRC 2023 Championship overall standings, Kalle, Evans & Thierry

Overall Standings

2#11BEL T. NEUVILLEBEL M. WYDAEGHEi20 N Rally1 HYBRIDM36:55.836:55.852.752.7
3#4FIN E. LAPPIFIN J. FERMi20 N Rally1 HYBRIDM37:02.637:02.66.859.5
4#33GBR E. EVANSGBR S. MARTINGR Yaris Rally1 HYBRIDM37:09.937:09.97.3+1:06.8
5#3FIN T. SUNINENFIN M. MARKKULAi20 N Rally1 HYBRIDM38:24.238:24.2+1:14.3+2:21.1
6#7FRA P. LOUBETBEL N. GILSOULPuma Rally1 HYBRIDM39:08.0539:13.048.8+3:09.9
7#18JPN T. KATSUTAIRL A. JOHNSTONGR Yaris Rally1 HYBRIDM39:13.339:13.30.3+3:10.2
8#8EST O. TÄNAKEST M. JÄRVEOJAPuma Rally1 HYBRIDM37:28.705:00.042:28.7+3:15.4+6:25.6
9#23NOR A. MIKKELSENNOR T. ERIKSENFabia RSWRC2 (T/D/C)45:57.245:57.2+3:28.5+9:54.1
10#24FIN S. PAJARIFIN E. MÄLKÖNENFabia RSWRC2 (T/DC/CC)46:06.946:06.99.7+10:03.8
11#22FIN E. LINDHOLMFIN R. HÄMÄLÄINENi20 NWRC2 (T/D/C)47:18.947:18.9+1:12.0+11:15.8
12#27BOL M. BULACIAESP D. VALLEJOFabia RSWRC2 (T/DC/CC)48:00.848:00.841.9+11:57.7
13#29POL M. MARCZYKPOL S. GOSPODARCZYKFabia RSWRC2 (DC/CC)48:20.248:20.219.4+12:17.1
14#26EST R. VIRVESGBR C. DREWFiesta Mk IIWRC2 (DC/CC)48:32.448:32.412.2+12:29.3
15#25EST E. KAUREST J. VIILOFabia RSWRC2 (DC/CC)48:32.948:32.90.5+12:29.8
16#31IRL J. MCERLEANIRL J. FULTONi20 NWRC2 (DC/CC)49:56.449:56.4+1:23.5+13:53.3
17#47FIN R. KORHONENFIN A. VIINIKKAFiesta Rally3WRC357:16.257:16.2+7:19.8+21:13.1
18#58LUX G. MUNSTERBEL L. LOUKAFiesta Rally3JWRC57:42.657:42.626.4+21:39.5
19#38EST K. KASARIEST R. RAIDMAFabiaWRC2 (DC/CC)57:43.057:43.00.4+21:39.9
20#54FRA L. PELLIERFRA K. BRONNERFiesta Rally3JWRC / WRC357:50.757:50.77.7+21:47.6
21#35BOL B. BULACIAESP A. CORONADOFabia RSWRC2 (DC/CC)51:44.506:20.058:04.513.8+22:01.4
22#48FIN T. HERRANENFIN M. LUKKAFiesta Rally3WRC359:59.059:59.0+1:54.5+23:55.9
23#53PRY D. DOMINGUEZESP R. PEÑATEFiesta Rally3JWRC00:43.600:43.644.6+24:40.5
24#49TUR A. TÜRKKANTUR B. ERDENERFiesta Rally3WRC301:51.601:51.6+1:08.0+25:48.5
25#39ESP A. VILLANUEVAESP J. MURADOFabia RSWRC2 (DCM/CC)01:54.501:54.52.9+25:51.4
26#62CZE F. KOHNGBR T. WOODBURNFiesta Rally304:09.11004:19.1+2:24.6+28:16.0
27#60MEX A. MAUROESP D. SANJUANFabia Evo04:53.004:53.033.9+28:49.9
28#37EST P. KOIKEST K. TAMMFabia EvoWRC2 (DC/CC)05:25.905:25.932.9+29:22.8
29#41ITA M. MIELEITA L. BELTRAMEFabia RSWRC2 (DCM/CC)09:14.64009:54.6+4:28.7+33:51.5
30#65EST R. JÜRGENSONEST S. OJAFiesta10:00.310:00.35.7+33:57.2
31#55ESP R. BLACHESP M. BARREIROFiesta Rally3JWRC / WRC310:56.510:56.556.2+34:53.4
32#30PRY F. ZALDIVARITA M. DER OHANNESIANi20 NWRC2 (T/DC/CC)11:05.701:30.012:35.7+1:39.2+36:32.6
33#59KEN H. ANWARUSA A. KIHURANIFiesta Rally3JWRC / WRC312:47.012:47.011.3+36:43.9
34#51IRL B. CUMISKEYIRL A. KIERANSFiesta Rally3WRC314:42.814:42.8+1:55.8+38:39.7
35#56BEL T. RENSONNETBEL L. DUMONTFiesta Rally3JWRC / WRC315:00.515:00.517.7+38:57.4
36#45ITA L. COBBEITA R. MOMETTIFabia EvoWRC2 (DCM/CCM)21:04.421:04.4+6:03.9+45:01.3
37#50FIN B. KORHOLAFIN P. KELANDERFiesta Rally3WRC326:41.826:41.8+5:37.4+50:38.7
38#20SWE O. SOLBERGGBR E. EDMONDSONFabia RSWRC2 (D/C)26:56.226:56.214.4+50:53.1
39#28EST G. LINNAMÄEGBR J. MORGANi20 NWRC2 (DC/CC)27:20.927:20.924.7+51:17.8
40#67ISR S. UGERISR M. UGERFiesta23:20.707:10.030:30.7+3:09.8+54:27.6
41#52IRL W. CREIGHTONIRL L. REGANFiesta Rally3JWRC / WRC336:32.936:32.9+6:02.2+1:00:29.8
42#34CHL J. MARTINEZARG A. ALVAREZFabia EvoWRC2 (DC/CC)42:58.742:58.7+6:25.8+1:06:55.6
43#40DEU A. KREMERDEU E. KREMERFabia RSWRC2 (DCM/CC)49:37.649:37.6+6:38.9+1:13:34.5
44#64EST K. SEIEST M. LEOTOOTS208 Rally457:10.157:10.1+7:32.5+1:21:07.0

Next round is Rally Finland in a couple of weeks from now.

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